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One day, there was a sponge that lived under the sea in the pineapple house.  His name was SpongeBob .  He was working at the city name Bikini Bottom. He has a job as a chef in the one Krusty Krab, the famous restaurant of Bikini Bottom. He has a lot of friend such as Patrick Star, Sandy Cheek,  Squidword Tentacle, Eugene Krabs, etc.

That day, SpongeBob was very happy because that day, Mr Krab-people who owned Krusty Krab- declared new manager of New Krusty Krab. Being employee of the month for the whole time, off course SpongeBob thought that it have to be him. But unfortunately, it was Squidword. Off course Mr. Krab wouldn’t choose him because off his innocentness. SpongeBob went home with a great disappointment.

One day, there was a big happened. King Neptune’s crown has been stolen. Unfortunately, there’s a clue to find who is the thief. And the clue was referring to Mr. Krab. Because of King Neptune anger, he wanted to kill Mr. Krab. But Mr. Krab told him that he was innocent. But it wouldn’t change King Neptune mind. He was very angry because it’s not only to show who is he but also to cover his bald head. Because of that, King Neptune has to wear paper bag to cover it. That’s why he was very angry to him. When King Neptune ready to excuse him, SpongeBob came to help Mr. Krab. Although being disappointed because of the past day event, SpongeBob wanted to help Mr. Krab by finding King Neptune crown.

Off course it’s makes everybody laugh. How can he find it? Although there’s Patrick who wanted to help him to, but they are the stupidest creature in the Bikini Bottom. But King Neptune accepts it with a condition: they have to find it less than 6 days. SpongeBob accept it and Mr. Krab ready to accept the worst possibility. And the adventure of finding King Neptune’s crown was start.

They have to find it in the Shell City which fame of it scary place. There’s a murderers, robbers, bandits, etc. At first, SpongeBob and Patrick didn’t sure about it, but think about Mr. Krab life depend on them and don’t to be call “Kid” they brave themselves to do it.

It’s a long journey to find King Neptune’s crown so they choose to drive Patty Car to do it. It was a car made by patty as it part. And SpongeBob and Patrick start their dangerous journey.

One the way, they met with a gasoline keeper. And they told them that they going to go to the Shell City that makes the gasoline keeper burst of laughter. They told them that there’s no one that can comeback from there live.  But it didn’t make SpongeBob and Patrick afraid-they’re too stupid to be afraid-.  And SpongeBob and Patrick continue their journey. But the gasoline keeper warned them about a bandit who likes to kill people-that make them afraid perfectly-.

One the journey, they met an ice cream seller. As a voracious people, Patrick told SpongeBob that he wanted to buy it. When they want to ask to the seller, it changed into a beast that wanted to eat them. SpongeBob and Patrick ran as fast as they can and leave their car behind. After that, SpongeBob and Patrick arrived at the bar. After they entered, they realized that it’s bandits bar and start to trembling and entered into a bathroom. In the bathroom, SpongeBob and Patrick make a plan on how to run away from there without being caught. In spite of make a plan, Patrick was playing bubble that attracted SpongeBob too. And they began to playing bubble.

Out there, the bandits talk that their most hate thing is bubble! Bad news! It’s make SpongeBob and Patrick scream in afraid that attract the bandits attention. Oh. .dear thing is getting worst! SpongeBob and Patrick tried to find way to get out from there. Start with yelling loud, against the bandits with the fork, and the last bubble attack and they make it. They could get away from there.

On the way, they met with bandit that the gasoline keeper told to them, Dennis. SpongeBob and Patrick trembling cause Dennis told them that he would kill them. They ran as fast as they could and they did it. They toke a breath for a while and continue they journey.

And finally, they arrived at Shell City. There’s a lot of thing that they never seen before and made them afraid. All of the Shell City wanted to attack them, and SpongeBob and Patrick have to make a plan to get away again. But it was to hard to do cause there was a lot of people that tried to hurt them. With a lot of effort, they could get away from that scary place. But there’s something that awkward, there’s no King Neptune’s crown. So, where is it?

SpongeBob and Patrick didn’t have any clue to looking for it anymore, so they decided to go back. On the way home, they being caught by a diver and wanted to make them as a sea souvenir. Poor SpongeBob and Patrick, they couldn’t help but waiting till they lost breath anymore cause they couldn’t breath in the air. But SpongeBob and Patrick didn’t want to give up. At the last effort, they saw a thing that they’ve been looking for, King Neptune Crown. That’s good news. At least, they knew where it is. But, there’s still a problem. They still couldn’t a way.

SpongeBob and Patrick cried in desperate. They cried because they couldn’t save Mr. Krabs’s live. It’s awful. They’ve made a promise but they couldn’t fulfill it. How shameful. But, there’s nothing that they could do. Although they could find King Neptune’s crown, they still couldn’t come back it to the right owner.

In the souvenir store, there were a lot of sea creatures. They felt the same felling with SpongeBob and Patrick. So, they decide to help them to get away and they made it.

They made it! They could find King Neptune’s crown. It’s too fast to be happy. SpongBob and Patrick still didn’t back at Bikini Bottom, right. But how can they do it. It’s almost the time. What they have to do?

It’ was hopeless. But there was a miracle. There was someone who wanted to help them to go back. It was a Hollywood actor. And so they made it. And they save Mr. Krabs life and ruined Plankton’s plan.

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